Amazonas Suite

They sleep in the middle of the river, surrounded by rain forest, liana, rainforest plants and palms. The bamboo furniture arranging authentically  completely.. The special carpet goes on the canvas in tone on tone-painting. A boat is towed by a rowing through the misty river , where the side light, promises open space and sun .
Most beautiful marble, polished and rough fracture type, the shower area is on the river bank.  high marble walls and wooden beams, the illusory freedom of the jungle. The back wall is a plant-overgrown ruin of a temple, in which the necessary technology is hidden.

In each of these 24 theme rooms, Dr. Jung realized another issue of historical, geographical or dreamy kind, if you want to experience more of the other rooms, call him. If you want the Amazon, discover underwater music and birdsong from the jungle, then you check into the hotel Plankl. There you are part of the art action, because you can describe your "impressions" in the accompanying book and just take pictures with the camera provided a few personal photographs. Have fun!

In the room is ready for you right reading. Chico Mendes, Rain Forest Project And Padre Geraldo, The Children's Village in Guarabira.
"Unique in southern Germany," says the magazine "Top Hotel"!


Hang rockin chair made out of bamboo.


The shower is designed like under free sky.


Best portogallo marbel,  floorheating.


Amazonas-fischerman, in the dawn. 


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