Spring of life 

Dive into the feeling of wellness, your body

floats in water.


Born out of water     


aJust relax on the waterbed an

enjoy the feeling weightless.

A special experience for young

and old, especially in honeymoon.

Effect and relaxation: The element of water, "embedded" in a technical system,

provides the ideal full-body support on the positive displacement principle.

The body is calm and relaxed. The back pressure of a normal mattress

is always on hips and shoulders. With our high-quality water beds, the pressure

is over the entire body. 

The simple
 clean and hygiene covers from water beds

also suitable for people allergic to house dust.

Adjust the temperature on a individual switch box on the right side of the bed.

Enjoy a pre-heated bed in the winter and a cool bed in summer.

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* relaxed sleep

individual deck adjustmentPerfect for all agesRelaxing atmosphere in winter             

Pleasant cold in summer                          Voucher?

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Marble pillars support the mirrorceiling.

Red coral marble from the lower mountains, and bright-eyed portogallo marble, in artistic design. the special thing about this marble: stone sparkle like diamonds in the sunlight!

Born out of the water


Atmospheric, dimmable, romantic lighting in the real-stucco ceiling with Greek columns

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